Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Things I really miss...

(not in any particular order):
- conversations and talking clearly
- cooking for my family
- eating 7 layer dip, chips, and salsa
- traveling
- the ability to swim
- options
- having a happy life
- looking forward to the future
- working
- being the wife and mother I was without this disease 
- washing my own hair and shaving my own legs
- the happiness of those I love most
- being able to scratch an itch on my shoulder or back
- being able to apply makeup of any kind
- wearing cute shoes with heels
- doing laundry
- driving
- making things happen, getting things done, and feeling the sense of accomplishment 
- book club
- being active and social
- walking normally and without fear
- being the woman I was before ALS


  1. Sending BIG hugs.....

    With Love

  2. I miss dancing with you, shopping with you, laughing with you, watching questionable movie with you, I miss talking to you much too late into the night,I miss our epic road trips,I miss so much about the way thing where . I love you and I'm happy we did get to go to the movies ,swim ,laugh and shoes shop when I was there. I love you so and I miss you even more.

    Love Lori

  3. Still thinking of your out here in Colorado. You are a strong woman. I admire your brutal honesty, integrity and courage.