Saturday, May 4, 2013


As the rain continues here, I found myself enjoying the little surprises that occurred throughout the day!

When I got up this morning, I walked in to the kitchen and decided I would attempt to do the dishes.  This might not sound like a positive start to the day for most, but washing dishes just enough to load them into the dishwasher is not an easy task for me any more and it takes a lot of extra attention and effort on my part to get it done.  Since I was feeling up to it this morning, I was very happy to let Dan sleep in and surprise him with having the dishwasher loaded and ready to go when he woke up a little while later.  For my efforts, I was treated to a wonderful homemade breakfast of french toast and a cinnamon dolce cappuccino…soooo good!

On I discovered that a book I have been waiting for, Until I Say Goodbye: My Year of Living with Joy by Susan Spencer-Wendel, a woman in her 40s also living with ALS, was available and I was able to download it to my Kindle app so I can start reading it today!

On Facebook, I saw that my friend in NJ had posted pictures of her daughter wearing her Sam's Twysted Ride t-shirt, helping to spread ALS Awareness today.  Thank you, SW, you look beautiful and it means so much to me!

In the mail, there was an oversized envelope from my mom and inside was one of the Sam's Twysted Ride t-shirts signed by the members of our SLO Walk to Defeat ALS team.  It was signed, front and back, with lots of love and well wishes from my family, friends, and supporters in CA which made me feel all happy inside!  Thank you so much to everyone who signed the shirt, participated in the Walk (on both coasts), and donated time, money and items to the Sam's Twysted Ride teams to help support finding a cure for ALS!  

It is NO surprise that finding a cure for ALS is going to take a continuous team effort, which is one of the reasons I started Sam's Twysted Ride and this blog.  It is why ALS Awareness Month, Walks to Defeat ALS, Rides to Defeat ALS, The Fiesta 5K, and so many other local and national events exist all year long.  This is not a one shot deal.  ALS was first described almost 150 years ago and there is still only one FDA approved drug treatment on the market.  However, today we are seeing some exciting and promising new research emerging, from drug trials to stem cell therapies and more.  This is the time to keep pushing forward, to let our law makers, the research communities and the general public all know we need their support to keep these efforts going strong.  I know we will see the rewards of our teamwork come together as better treatment options and a cure for this devastating disease become available to all of us who are waiting for them.

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