Friday, May 3, 2013

Rainy days...

My new office space
Sometimes, even though you made plans, life laughs and you get rain.  It might be disappointing at first, but somehow, if you are willing to go with it, life can surprise you with a different plan.  The trick is to still find the positives ... this is true with any curve ball life throws.

I had planned to have a garage sale today and tomorrow.  I planned to donate a portion of the proceeds to support ALS research as part of my ALS Awareness Month commitment and it is something I have been talking about doing for close to a year now.  Instead, its been raining steadily for over 24 hours with no end in sight so … plan B. 

I got to sleep in and once I did get up, I stayed in my pjs all day.  I had homemade potato soup for breakfast (mmmm!), made a large pot of iced tea and hung out with my husband in my new office space playing on my new (to me) computer.  We ordered the new Tobii PCeyego (more on that later), I read a few pages of my book, and I leveled up my WOW character a little.  Later, I'll venture out with Lisa for some pottery time, then come home to snuggle in for the night with my hubby, a movie and some ice cream.  

When you get that curve ball thrown your way, you gotta do your best to hit it out of the park!

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