Thursday, May 23, 2013

New life for an old dream...

I have always enjoyed writing, as far back as middle school anyway, but I just never had the confidence to go anywhere with it.  I have journaled now and then, I wrote for my high school newspaper, I briefly thought of getting a degree in journalism, I wrote essays and other papers for college, I've written bits and pieces of this and that, and I even wrote a couple of short stories that no one has ever seen. 

For years, I have dreamed about really writing and I have been told by one or two others that I should write a book, but I always thought their suggestion was based on how much I like to read and not my writing skills.  For me, the biggest question I have faced with the idea of writing a book is, what should I write about?  What could I have to say that would be interesting to a large population of virtual strangers?  I never could come up with a good enough answer for this and so, it remained just a dream.

Then, when my son was 4 years old, I finally sat down and started writing a children's book.  It took a few false starts but then I settled into it and I was almost finished, already looking for an illustrator, when 9/11 happened and everything seemed to change in an instant.  With all that was going on at that time, I set aside the book and forgot about it.  By the time I took it out again, it just didn't feel right anymore and I put it away along with the other things I have written over the years.

I never would have thought that the answer to following my dream would come in the form of writing my own story of living with ALS, but sometimes the unexpected answer is the only one that makes sense.  In the end, it took losing my voice for me to be willing to write for an audience, but now my story is out there and this old dream has a new life.

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