Wednesday, May 1, 2013

My Commitment to ALS Awareness Month...

If you follow me on Facebook, then you are probably aware that May is ALS Awareness Month.  As a person living with ALS, I take this seriously and have asked myself "What can I personally do to help raise ALS Awareness this month"?  Here are a few things that I came up with:

~I commit to post a blog entry every day, all month long so be sure to check in every day in May!  I will try to have a guest blogger or two with posts about their ALS experience as well.

~I will proudly wear my Sam's Twysted Ride t-shirt at least twice a week, every week, throughout May.

~I am asking all of my Walk to Defeat ALS teammates from Florida and California who have Sam's Twysted Ride t-shirts to wear them at least once a week for the month of May as well.    If you do not yet have a t-shirt and want one, email me at to find out how to get one while supplies last!  Proceeds benefit the ALSA.

~I am planning to attend the local MDA ALS Awareness Month Celebration on May 24th in Jacksonville.

~ I am having a garage sale the first weekend of May and a portion of the proceeds will be donated to the Florida Chapter of the ALSA along with 100% of the donations made to the donation jar.  (UPDATE:  Due to rain, garage sale date changed to May 17-18)

~I will try a new technology that is designed to allow full computer access in a user friendly way with an eye-tracking device - look, no hands!  I will definitely blog about this once I have tried it out.

~I will use my social media forums to further the ALS Awareness campaign.  "Like" Sam's Twysted Ride on Facebook  and follow me on Twitter at @twystedsam.  To stay connected with this blog, you can Join or Follow by Email on the left side of your screen now.

~Finally, I ask all of you to please help spread ALS Awareness this month by sharing my blog with the people you know and asking them to share it as well.

Together, we can make a difference toward finding a cure and end ALS now!

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  1. As someone who has much love for those living with ALS most especially you, I will wear my Twysted Sam tshirt at least once a week - (I already do since I love it but will aim for twice a week) I will share your blog & I will come up with a way to make a contribution big or small to ALS awareness & finding a cure. I am willing to do all this for amazing people like you living with this awful disease. Let's find a cure!!!