Thursday, May 9, 2013

Become an ALS Advocate today...

Today is National ALS Advocacy Day and in Washington D.C., Advocates for ALS are meeting with Congress on Capitol Hill in a Public Policy Conference to let them know how ALS impacts the lives of everyone it touches.  They are there to ask for Congressional support in the search to find an end to this disease.  While ALS Advocates are in our nation's capitol making our case in person, those of us at home can also help by becoming Virtual Advocates. 

Please take a few minutes today to send a letter or an email to your representative in Congress to ask for their support.  Click this link to Join the Virtual Advocacy Day, everything is set up to make your participation as easy as possible.

Will you join me and become an ALS Advocate today? 

Advocate:  ad·vo·cate
verb (used with object)
1.  to speak or write in favor of; support or urge by argument; recommend publicly: He advocated higher salaries for teachers.
2.  a person who speaks or writes in support or defense of a person, cause, etc. (usually followed by of) : an advocate of peace.
3.  a person who pleads for or in behalf of another; intercessor.
4.  a person who pleads the cause of another in a court of law.

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  1. By clicking on the link in your post, sending letters, as an ALS Advocate, was very easy. It took just a few minutes and I encourage everyone who is reading this to do the same. Thank you for taking the time to support Sam and all those affected by ALS.