Wednesday, May 29, 2013


I remember going to gymnastics classes for a while when I was pretty young.  In my memory, I really liked gymnastics - the uneven bars, the tumbling, the balance beam - but I only took lessons for a short time.  Sometimes now I feel like I am walking the balance beam in my life, trying to find the right combination to stay on the beam while knowing that with every step, every twirl, every movement I make, it is likely to send me off into the abyss below.

Balance is a much easier thing to achieve when one is walking on solid ground, but once vaulted onto the raised beam, having to create a routine on the fly where one can find their rhythm is challenging at best.  When the judges weigh in, it can feel impossible. 

When my life feels out of balance, just one thing of many that I wonder about is how am I going to meet the needs of others while I am struggling to figure out which of my own needs I can take care of, which I need help with, and which are just going to have to be forgotten? 

Balance can be tenuous and often comes at the expense of focusing on just one thing and letting everything else go.  Ideally, I think that once balance is achieved, and the judging is over, it is easier to add back the things that work in favor of maintaining that balance.  In many ways, life is just a balancing act, after all, and the trick is to forget about the judges and just give the performance that is best for you.

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  1. I fell off Somme stairs and fell backwards and hit my head on concrete. Had to have a staple in my head, today I walk with a walker. I know what balance is, I plan every step I take